ATOS IT SOLUTIONS (2010-Present)

Service Delivery Director, Financial Services Industry



I manage four outsourcing contracts for three separate clients, including the portfolio financial plan (revenue and cost), full scope of IT operations, and service delivery, plus new business development. Focusing on the client relationship, I direct a geographically dispersed team (100+) providing Service Desk, Deskside Support, Mainframe Operations, Image Management, Software Distribution, and Asset Management services.

  • Align with the client executive to understand strategy and achieve business results
  • Manage the financial scope of the relationship, including accountability for revenue, cost, and financial forecast
  • Direct efforts for continuous improvement, executive reporting, and innovation in service delivery, delivering increased value to the end client
  • Mentor leadership in each delivery area, emphasizing a strong focus on client needs, increasing morale and effectiveness
  • Successfully renegotiated a troubled contract, re-focusing the solution on the customer's needs
  • Aggressively manage cost to beat targeted profit margin
  • Identify and create solutions to address client business issues, producing over $8M (to date) in additional business projects

IBM (1997-2009)

Project Executive, Financial Services Industry



Directed a portfolio for a Senior Vice President (reporting directly to the CIO) for a very large Financial Services client. Managed remote and international staff of 40+ team members, with an average of over 650 active projects. Provided direction to IT operations and technical personnel delivering approximately $300M in annual revenue.

  • Successfully meet or beat 100% of project implementation deadlines and budgets
  • Interfaced with 4 international peers to provide global perspective, streamlining processes across the company
  • Drove design and solution teams for over $22M in additional domestic and global business projects
  • Implemented strict cost controls to reverse a negative profit projection, returning over $60M in additional cost savings
  • Mentored and empowered program managers to focus on end results, improving RFS cycle time by 15%
  • Resolved issues with operations, delivery and new service requests, beating customer satisfaction targets by 10%

Project Executive, State and Local Government



Managed portfolio of IT consulting and operations contracts for various State and Local Government clients. Supervised full scope of new technology implementation, technical operations, portfolio financial plan and service delivery.

  • Exceeded annual profit targets on all contracts by an average of 19%
  • Implemented cost controls to consistently exceed revenue, gross profit, quality and client satisfaction targets
  • Developed and implemented executive communication plan for executive sponsor team and other stakeholders, improving customer satisfaction results by 20%
  • Formed and led diverse teams from multiple lines of business (Consulting, Project Services, Hardware, Software, etc.) to design, develop, implement and support sustainable solutions, implementing over $24M in additional business projects

Project Executive, Consumer Products Industry



Managed multiple IT operations contracts for a large Consumer Products company. Directed technical personnel delivering approximately $30M in annual revenue. Managed financial plan (revenue and profit), full scope IT operations, and service delivery, plus new business development.

  • Formed strategic relationships, internally and externally, to manage complex contracts and projects, aligning with client strategy, and improving quality and client satisfaction
  • Consistently exceeded revenue, gross profit, quality and client satisfaction targets
  • Successfully consolidated similar support teams, achieving over $5M in resource and personnel cost savings
  • Identified and created solutions for business issues, resulting in over $8M in additional business projects

Project Executive, Retail/Distribution Industry



Managed the web-based IT operations for a large department store IT division. Managed financial plan (revenue, profit, and forecast), full-scope IT operations, and service delivery, plus new business development.

  • Directed application and IBM delivery teams for successful Christmas holiday launch, on-time and under budget
  • Established and initiated an effective communication plan with the customer executive team and other stakeholders, improving customer satisfaction by over 20%
  • Integrated a system of business-related measurements, thereby re-focusing the technology on business-related issues
  • Worked with the client business units to create new solutions to solve business problems, at a competitive cost
  • Integrated best practices (Change Management, Release Management, etc.) into the customer's operation, decreasing failed changes and re-work by over 15%
  • Identified, negotiated and implemented additional business projects valued at $3M

Delivery Project Executive, Financial Services Industry



Managed IT operations for multiple web hosting contracts for a large Financial Services client. Managed expense plan and cost controls, interfacing with Project Executive and other stakeholders to meet/exceed financial targets and quality metrics.

  • Reversed negative customer relationship by designing and implementing an effective communication plan between the customer and IBM delivery teams, reducing misunderstandings and increasing customer satisfaction by 15%
  • Documented and managed issues via a common issues list, thereby improving customer communication and reducing our time to resolve customer problems by over 25%
  • Transitioned contract from a financial loss to a financial profit (+22%) through diligent focus on cost controls
  • Significantly improved volatile relationship with customer executives, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and additional business

Data Operations Manager, Consumer Products Industry



Managed data center facility and operations in support of an outsourcing contract with a large franchisor.

  • Transitioned client’s main ERP systems from mainframe to midrange servers, enabling client to effectively utilize more modern hardware and software, 10% under budget and 3 weeks early.
  • Designed and implemented Executive Support process, leading to increased customer satisfaction and new revenue
  • Managed and reported the effectiveness of all systems controls, increasing client satisfaction

Data Operations Leader, Consumer Products Industry



Managed and performed technical tasks in support of the outsourcing contract with a large franchisor.

  • Implemented IBM systems management processes, improving the efficiency of contract service delivery
  • Established technical infrastructure, and drove execution for the client’s ERP implementation (Lawson / PeopleSoft)
  • Provided support for over 250 end-users, including top-level executives, accounting personnel and programmers


  • Designed, marketed, negotiated and delivered end-to-end system integration solutions to customers, including transition projects from proprietary technology to open systems. Increased revenue by 26% in one year.
  • Managed all end-user experience including sales and marketing of a commercial software product, contract development and negotiations, planning and implementation of key client installations (hardware, software and training) and supervision of all help desk personnel. Increased average annual revenue by 39% YTY for eight years.
  • Managed all accounting functions (accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, financial statement preparation, etc.) for a group of radio stations and cable operations.


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