My twenty years of technical operations management and general business experience give me unique insight into how technology serves business functions and business needs. Translating business needs into functional technical requirements is a key factor in project success. My experience in both the business and technical arenas has enabled me to serve as a highly effective liaison between technical/development teams and end users in the business community.

  • Operations Management – Keeping IT projects and day-to-day operations focused on business results maintains a sense of mission in the team. Frequent meaningful measurements of operational results with consistent business feedback is a key to ensuring that IT remains a value-add to the business.
  • Project/Program Management – Utilizing a structured and standardized approach to program management and problem-solving yields high-quality solutions that resolve business issues. Implementing a highly disciplined approach to complex business problems, with emphasis on planning, contingency development, measurable milestones, and well-defined success criteria will result in a highly successful result, and well-satisfied stakeholders. Every good process allows for exceptions and flexibility.
  • Leadership Development – Allowing and encouraging strong performers to excel, via incentive and motivation, is a key to establishing a self-sustaining organization, rather than a cult of personality. Removing bureaucratic or procedural obstacles to strong team performance is an important part of the management and leadership role. Empowering people to their point of excellence yields a motivated team who is willing to go the extra mile to achieve the necessary results.
  • Financial Management – Understanding that technology solutions must yield bottom-line results - either net new revenue or cost savings - is a critical part of technology introduction/deployment. Since business conditions evolve rapidly, maintaining a constant watch on the ROI of programs/projects is a significant factor in measuring overall success.
  • Service Delivery Quality – Focusing on measurements which are important and meaningful to the business unit will result in IT operations and projects that are customer focused, and not technology for its own sake. Service Quality can only be effectively measured by the end user or business owner. Understanding the metrics ahead of time results in an IT operation that is focused on and designed to meet a business need.
  • Relationship Development – Understanding that authentic relationships are fundamental to any human interaction will yield more effective communication and better project results. Focusing on results - independent of relationships - is short-sighted, and does not yield a long-term effective solution. Focusing on relationships - independent of results - is also short-sighted, and does not yield effective, measurable business results. Balancing relationships and results is a key factor to achieving high performance.


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